NQ VMA (Virtual Managed Account).

The New Quantum Virtual Managed Account (NQ VMA) Service offers financial advisers and their clients a dynamic and precise platform to manage investment portfolios. It’s designed to enhance the investment experience with a full suite of features that cater to the varied investment objectives of investors.

NQ VMA places a premium on client-focused investment strategies, ensuring operational transparency and unwavering security. The service equips financial advisers with the tools to provide strategic advice that evolves with client needs, offering both active portfolio management and a more direct involvement approach.

Backed by New Quantum’s expertise and robust infrastructure, NQ VMA stands as a comprehensive managed account solution for optimal investment outcomes.

Key Highlights of the NQ VMA Service.

Target Audience

Specifically designed for financial planners, accountants, retail fund managers, and other AFS licensees to manage their clients’ investments efficiently.

Partnership and Operation

Operated by NQ with the support of ANZ, Morrison Securities Pty Ltd, Morsec Nominees Pty Ltd and YP Securities Limited, under the authorisation of New Quantum Securities Pty Ltd’s AFSL.

Investment Flexibility

Offers both discretionary (Managed Discretionary Account – MDA) and non-discretionary investment approaches, accommodating varying degrees of investor involvement and adviser customisation.

Comprehensive Asset Coverage

The service encompasses a wide range of asset classes, including Australian shares, fixed income, property & infrastructure, and alternatives, held in custodial arrangements ensuring security and compliance.

Customisable Investment Programmes

Tailored investment programmes developed in collaboration with financial advisers, ensuring alignment with individual goals, risk profiles, and investment strategies.

Efficient Portfolio Management

Utilises a proprietary portfolio management module and rebalancing engine to maintain alignment with the targeted investment programme, considering specific client instructions, ethical considerations, or tax-efficiency strategies.

Secure and Transparent Operations

Ensures the security of assets through custodial arrangements and provides real-time access to portfolio holdings and transactions via a client portal, alongside detailed quarterly and annual reporting.

Regulatory Compliance and Privacy

Adheres to strict compliance protocols, including AML/CTF requirements, and maintains a strong commitment to client privacy and data protection.


NQ VMA Information Booklet

Get an overview of NQ VMA Service’s key offerings and how it works for efficient portfolio management.


NQ VMA Terms & Conditions

Essential terms guiding the use of the NQ VMA Service, outlining your agreement with us.


Financial Services Guide (FSG)

For detailed information about our financial services, please review New Quantum’s Financial Services Guide (FSG) at the bottom of our website.